Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) Is this a subscription?

Ans. No, when you complete your order on the next page, you make a one-time payment. ‍ You can choose to buy extra meal plans to use in future months. But whether you buy a single meal plan or enough plans to last 12 months, you will only be charged once.


Q.2) Do my meal plans disappear?

Ans. No, once we create your plan, it’s yours. You can download your plan immediately, save it, and make as many copies as you want. It’s yours to keep forever. Even if you lose your plan, our friendly customer service team will retrieve it for you.


Q.3) How does it work if I buy extra meal plans?

Ans. When you check out on the next page, you can choose to buy extra meal plans to use in future months. If you do, you will get your first meal plan within 24 hours. ‍ One month later, we will send your next meal plan. And we’ll give you as many new recipes as we can, based on the foods you like. You’ll also have the chance to change your preferences before you get each new meal plan. Because you can lose so much weight every month that you may have to update your weight-loss goals! ‍ Based on how many meal plans you order on the next page, we will send you a new plan every month until you finish your package. ‍ (But again, you are only charged a one-time payment when you check out on the next page. This is not a subscription).


Q.4) Do I have to worry about counting all my carbs?

Ans. No, your custom Keto meal plan will take care of all the nutrient calculations for you. Each recipe will tell you exactly how much of each ingredient to use. All you have to do is measure the ingredients, enjoy delicious meals, and watch your waistline vanish!


Q.5) How do you figure out my meal plan and macro-nutrient calculations?

Ans. Our team of Keto experts creates every fat-melting custom Keto meal plan. We analyze the answers from our Keto quiz. That includes your current weight, goal weight, gender, and activity level. Then we build your meal plan using our private library of more than 1,200 delicious Keto recipes.
‍ We aim for our meal plans to have 20 grams of net carbs each day, and between 28 grams and 32 grams of total carbs. We also aim for our meal plans to have 20% of their calories from protein. (Because too much protein is also a problem on the Keto diet!)


Q.6) I can’t eat the same thing every day — my taste buds need variety. How many different recipes will I get?

Ans. Most plans will have several dozen recipes mixed and matched into four weeks worth of meals. And if you get more than one meal plan, we’ll continue to give you as many new recipes as we can in each new 28-day plan. But remember, we customize each meal plan to your specific tastes. And that can impact how many recipes you get in your plan, sometimes by a lot. Because the more foods you tell us are off limits, the fewer recipes we will be able to use to build your custom plan. We always do our best to give you as much variety as we can, though.


Q.7) Can’t I just find these recipes for free online?

Ans. Our private library has over 1,200 Keto recipes. So I’m sure that you can find at least some of those recipes (or similar ones) for free online. But a Google search for “keto recipes” shows 170,000,000 results. Who has the time to dig through all those sites — most of which are probably full of ads, viruses, and malware?
‍ And has a nutritionist reviewed and verified every ingredient on those sites? (Because a nutritionist stands behind all our recipes.)
‍ Plus, even if you do find a site with trustworthy meals you like, you would still have to make adjustments to each recipe. Because they’re not customized for your exact nutrition needs and weight-loss goals.


Q.8) I heard you can’t eat fruit on the Keto diet. How is that healthy?

Ans. You can eat fruit on the Keto diet. But most fruits contain sugar called fructose. And for the Keto diet to work, you have to limit how much sugar you eat — even fruit.
‍But as long as you stick to fruits that are low in sugar (and don’t eat too much of them), you can eat fruit on the Keto diet.
With our custom meal plans, we’ll tell you exactly which fruits you can eat. And we’ll tell you how much of them to eat as well.


Q.9) Are the meals hard to make?

Ans. No, anyone can make the delicious Keto recipes in our custom meal plans. (Even if you had a hard time with Home Ec back in high school.) Most of the recipes only use five ingredients. And almost all of them have fewer than 10 ingredients. Plus you can make most of the meals in 15 minutes or less with a basic set of pots, pans, and utensils.


Q.10) Do the recipes use expensive food?

Ans. We do our best to pick affordable foods for every recipe. But remember, we customize each plan to your specific tastes. And that can impact how much your groceries cost, sometimes by a lot. (For example, if you tell us the only protein you like is steak, then we’re only going to give you recipes that have steak. And yes, that can be expensive.)
‍ The more foods you tell us are off limits, the fewer recipes we will be able to use to build your custom plan. But as long as your meal preferences aren’t too restrictive, your grocery bill should be about the same as it is now. And we always do our best to keep your meals affordable.


Q.11) Do the recipes require hard-to-find specialty ingredients?

Ans. No, we made sure our recipes use ingredients you can find in a “normal” grocery store. Things like chicken breast, spinach, and olive oil. You should be able to get 99% of the ingredients at stores like Kroger, Publix, ShopRite, Target, and Wal-Mart. And many of the non-perishable items are also available on Amazon.


Q.12) What if I don’t like one of the ingredients in a recipe? Or what if I can’t find something in my local grocery store — or it’s out of stock?

Ans. Every custom Keto meal plan also includes two full pages showing you how to substitute ingredients if needed. We give you more than three dozen ways to adjust a recipe to make it work with the foods you have available and your personal tastes.


Q.13) Won’t a diet based on eating fat make me fat?

Ans. The myth that “fat is bad” traces back to the 1950s. And a trade group for the sugar industry called the Sugar Research Foundation (SRF) is to blame. The SRF secretly funded bogus studies that showed fat was bad and sugar was not. That way they could sell more sugar.

I know this may sound like some crazy, tin-foil-hat conspiracy theory. But I promise you it’s not. In fact, the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association exposed the scandal.

The truth is that human beings are meant to eat a diet with plenty of fat. And a study by a leading German doctor proved it.

The doctor compared the diets of 229 hunter-gatherer tribes. And he was shocked when he found that a high-fat and low-carb diet was the most common among our ancestors!

That means a high-fat, low-carb diet is both safe and natural. And it can also help you lose weight.

Because when you eat mostly fat in your diet, your body adapts to using fat for fuel. (This adaptation is called “Ketosis,” which is where the Keto diet gets its name.)

But when you’re in Ketosis, you don’t just burn the fat in your food. You also start to burn fat everywhere on your body. And that helps you lose a lot of weight — without needing to exercise at all.


Q.14) Is Keto just a fad?

Ans. Not at all. Human beings have been eating low-carb, high-fat diets for thousands of years. Not only is eating a diet with more fat safe and natural, it can also help you lose weight. Because when you eat mostly fat in your diet, your body adapts to using fat for fuel. But you don’t just burn the fat in your food. You also start to burn fat everywhere on your body.


Q.15) Is this going to spike my cholesterol?

Ans. You may be surprised to hear this. But there is no proof that eating cholesterol increases your blood cholesterol. That’s what a definitive study from 2018 in the medical journal Nutrients revealed.

The study reviewed data from 100 sources about cholesterol and heart health. And the results stunned the medical community.

The study proved there is no connection between the cholesterol in our food and the levels in our blood. Here are its exact words. “The totality of scientific evidence and experimental data did not validate the hypothesis that dietary cholesterol increases blood cholesterol.”

In fact, our blood cholesterol is mostly the result of our genetics, plus a few other factors. Not what we eat.

So no, eating more cholesterol on a Keto diet will not increase your blood cholesterol. And you can safely follow a fat-melting Keto diet plan to lose weight without exercise.


Q.16) I’ve heard horror stories about the “Keto Flu.” Will your meal plans help?

Ans. Yes. Our plans are customized around you and your body. We make sure you get enough calories and carbs to avoid a bad “Keto Flu,” while still burning crazy amounts of fat. Some people may still experience symptoms, though. That’s why, when you buy one of our fat-melting custom Keto meal plans, we also share our favorite ketone supplements. They can help make your body’s adjustment to the Keto diet even faster and easier.